Adele: Big step! You bought a house

Adele and Rich Paul are still in love. Now the singer is posting intimate couple photos for the first time and reveals that she and her lover are moving in together.

Because of separation! Adele, 34, and Rich Paul, 40, defy recent rumors of a crisis and show how strong their love still is. Only on Sunday, May 8, 2022, the two lovebirds enjoyed a romantic break in California. Now the singer shares her love for the sports manager with the rest of the world and reveals that she and her partner have taken a big step.

Adele: She moved in with Rich Paul

So far, the mother of a son had kept a low profile with public declarations of love. Now, for the first time, she is sharing a series of photos showing her in various situations with her loved one. In the first picture you are standing in front of a luxury villa. They pose smiling while Rich Paul demonstratively holds up a key. So the couple bought a house and are moving in together. How nice!

Other snapshots show the two laughing in a fast food store, in the audience at a sporting event. In the penultimate photo, Adele and Rich Paul can even be seen kissing intimately. The last one shows a small piece of paper in Adele’s hand, presumably from a fortune cookie. “You’ve found good company – enjoy!” it reads.

Is the couple also celebrating their first anniversary?

Adele herself comments on her unusually private contribution with the words: “Time flies”. In addition, she and Rich Paul may be celebrating their first anniversary. It would be quite possible, after all, the two were seen side by side in a basketball game for the first time in July last year. Even engagement rumors made the rounds after a large diamond ring suddenly sparkled on the 34-year-old’s finger.

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