Adamc’s drama! Resume? Four stitches

The Adamcs did fire. Jana Adamcová(44) but did not meet with Jiří Adamecbut with scissors.

Jiří Adamec: Radan Dolejš gave our projects a soul

“I played in the garden. I wanted to transfer from one garden lamp some of what she lived to another lamp, where she was missing. I took scissors for it, they ended up in my hand, I have four stitches, “ described a dramatic accident for ŽivotvČ “Unfortunately, it’s the right hand, so I have to do everything left and I can’t do it at all.” she complained as well.

Adamcova has her own stitch

According to the latest information, the couple is not communicating much. We have already informed you about the case when Jana did not even come to the introduction of her daughter due to illness, but Adamec had no idea about this fact, which was obvious because he had been waiting for her for a long time before entering.

The crisis at Adamce: The director is lying by his wife! And Krampol admitted hereditary disease

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