Adamc’s divorce stopped! HEALTH PROBLEMS

Not so long ago as a director Adamec he denied that their marriage was in ruins. Adamcova, however she had a different opinion on this, as she issued several press statements that the marriage was aimed at separation.

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The crisis at Adamce: The director is lying by his wife! And Krampol admitted hereditary disease

Now Adamec may have living proof that he means it. Adamcová has recently gone to Colombia repeatedly. The bad language claims that she has found a new love, and that has brought Adamce to a boil.

However, Adamcová herself denies any serious relationship. “I did not admit anything other than a purely friendship. We are just friends, “ the presenter defends in Express. Adamec was not shared either. “It’s bullshit. I’m not going to talk to anyone about it, “he snapped aggressively at the above website and slammed his phone. And what about divorce?

“We have the first part of the divorce. I’ve suspended the other one for reasons I don’t want to talk about, but it’s definitely neither property nor financial reasons, so that no one thinks I’m afraid I’ll lose money. It is not like that. I have a very personal, medical reason for that, and that’s why I’ve let it be. We’ll see what happens next. But we don’t live together, so far we are still formally married, “she specified the current situation on the home front of Jana for the portal Život v Č

Jiří Adamec about his marriage: Our relationship is evolving, but we are not divorcing

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