Adamari López and Toni Costa, once again on the track of “Así se baila”

¿Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa will they be together on a dance floor again? The remembered couple fell in love ten years ago on the track “Look who dances!” Their romance was born from that participation in that program, but now the situation is different because the two have been separated for more than half a year. This return to the stage of the Telemundo series is planned as one of the most emotional among celebrities.

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The actress He was the one who announced, in May 2021, that his relationship with the Spanish dancer had come to an end after a decade together. Their love story began in 2011, after their joint participation in “Look who is dancing”. In 2014, on May 18, the interpreter’s birthday, they got engaged.

That same year, the artist announced in November that she was pregnant with Alaïa, who was later born on March 4, 2015. Everything seemed happiness in the family of Adamari López and Toni Costa. However, the union did not give for more and they decided to end it for their own good.

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“I have made decisions that are smart, that are for my good, that does not mean that they do not hurt, it does not mean that they do not affect me, but it does mean that they will take me to a better place. They are decisions thinking about my emotional well-being, and especially how that also affects the benefit of my daughter, which is my greatest concern “, said in an interview to “Red Hot”. Now, the ex-partner has the option of getting together on a dance floor, like the first time.

Adamari López with Toni Costa when they were still together. (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)


Adamari López confirmed that she danced with her ex-partner Toni Costa on the track of “This is how you dance“, the Telemundo reality show in which she is a judge. The former boyfriends will return to the stage as they did ten years ago in “Look who’s talking!”, The first step in their long relationship that culminated in May 2021.

López and CostaIn this way, they will dance together on Sunday, November 28, at the 9:00 p.m., Eastern time, in the semifinal of the program hosted by Jacky Bracamontes. The actress is on the jury with Mariana Seoane and Christian of the Fountain.

The star of “Wild cat” and “Friends and rivals“She said that the dance with her ex-boyfriend will be given by her express request and that it will be a good way to close her romantic story. “This is how we met, I think this can be a good closing for us”Said the artist.

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The remembered actress of Mexican productions made it clear that the break up with Toni Costa It is “definitive”, although he also asserted that he does not intend under any circumstances to speak ill of who his partner has been since 2011.

“Maybe simple and everyday things that happen as a couple that are not necessarily right and that as a woman I should know how to give myself my respect and my place, that respect can only be given to me”said the 50-year-old interpreter.

López points out that after their separation the only thing that worries her is her daughter and that she is convinced that the decision of her romantic breakup responds to a need to avoid a mental health disorder for her little girl.

“What is my biggest concern? All of us who are moms think about the well-being of our children, right now that mental health is so affected by things that we as a family can also take care of, why not prevent our children from later presenting some disorder that could it have been avoided with a better decision made? “added.

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Adamari López and Toni Costa come together for the good of their daughter.  (Toni Costa / Instagram)
Adamari López and Toni Costa come together for the good of their daughter. (Toni Costa / Instagram)


The actress was born in Puerto Rico in 1971, and is the daughter of a renowned Humacao undertaker. His beginning in acting was at the age of 6 with the actress Johanna Rosaly and the singer José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” in the telenovela “Cristina Bazan”.

When she came of age, she returned to participate in the Tapia Theater in Puerto Rico, where she caught the attention of Mexican producers who invited her to travel to their country to participate in important productions. That is how she traveled to Mexico to participate in different soap operas, but she became known worldwide with “Friends and rivals”.


The actress Adamari Lopez She decided to test herself and dedicate herself to eating healthy and shedding a certain number of pounds to feel more physically comfortable.

That is why from October 2020 to November 2021 the physical change he has had is incredible and has surprised his thousands of fans and followers of social networks. This has demonstrated the constant discipline of the actress to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Thanks to the focus and resources you have given me over the past 22 months, I lost 32 pounds”, Confessed Adamari López for the first time, through her Instagram.

It should be noted that 32 pounds is the equivalent of a total of 14,515 kilos. Through the social network of Instagram the driver placed two photographs of her where you can see the differences in her physique.

“The most important part is to maintain myself and continue living day by day what I can celebrate with so much effort today.”Added López.

Adamari López meets Luis Fonsi again.  (Video: Telemundo)
Adamari López meets Luis Fonsi again. (Video: Telemundo) null


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