Adam Sandler is SUCCESS! The actor’s new film wins over critics and opens at #1 on Netflix

Despite sometimes making some dubious films, there is no doubt about the star’s talent Adam Sandler. And his new film in partnership with Netflix, which has already yielded ‘Mystery in the Mediterranean‘ and ‘Hubie’s Halloween‘, became a huge hit with audiences and critics.

shooting high‘ (Hustle) debuted at number one among Netflix’s most-watched titles, and won over critics with 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

with note 7/10 based on 35 reviews until the moment. At the Metacriticanother review aggregator, the production opened with a 67/100indicating “generally favorable reception”.

In the plot, a basketball team scout who is down in his career (sandler) discovers an exceptional player abroad and takes the phenomenon to the US without his team’s approval. Now, the duo has just one chance to fight for a spot in the NBA.

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Despite mentioning the clichés in the narrative, experts praised the interpretation of sandler and the carelessness of history, characterizing it even as a kind of “guilty pleasure”.

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“A sports drama and a guilty pleasure” – Teams (UK).

“If he keeps working hard, the same man who once symbolized Netflix’s commitment to mediocrity could eventually turn into his best choice” – IndieWire.

“There are places where ‘Throwing High’ bumps into the cliché… But there’s a depth of feeling and a disarming sincerity to the movie that keep you watching.” – THR.

“It’s nice to see Sandler doing something he loves in an environment he’s comfortable with, and to do it with such sincerity” – consequence.

‘Throwing High’ dances with despair and defeat more than we would expect from a story like this” – Mark Reviews Movies.

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Jeremiah Zagar is responsible for the direction.

The cast still has Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Juancho Hernangomez.

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