“Ada Masali”: how many chapters does “The Island Tale” have

The Turkish soap opera “There is a problem”Has managed to place itself in such a short time in one of the favorites of the public, in Spain, with the story of Poyraz and Harizan which takes place on an island. This production has the leading role of the actors Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan.

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Like other Ottoman hits, “There is a problem“Or also known in Spanish-speaking countries as”The tale of the island”Has been widely accepted in his country of origin (Turkey), which has helped him to cross borders and reach various countries in the world such as Spain and some in Latin America.

Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale”Is a romantic comedy that focuses on the story of Poyraz Özgür (Alp Narvuz) and June Sedefli (Ayça Ayşin), two very different people whose lives will intersect when the young woman arrives on the island where the man lives to try to buy his land and thus build a tourist complex with her family’s company; However, not everything will turn out as she wants, as he will flatly oppose it.

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Ada Masali: The story of the island is one of the favorites in Spain.


Although the telenovela “There is a problem”Was thought as a summer bet, its great success and the good audience level made the recordings extend and, therefore, also its chapters. Given this, what many of the fans of the Ottoman production wonder is how many more chapters will be broadcast?

The answer came from Turkey where, according to the media in that part of the world, they have indicated that the last chapter to be recorded will be number 25 and that it will be broadcast on Star Tv, according to the portal for ten minutes. It is added that the main reason for this decision is due to the low ratings in recent weeks.

That is why the next December 8 will be broadcast the last chapter of “Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale”.

Alp Narvuz y Ayça Ayşin Protagonizing Island Tale.
Alp Narvuz y Ayça Ayşin Protagonizing Island Tale.


Shortly after the telenovela “There is a problem”Arrived in Spain, becoming one of the productions that received good criticism from the public.

The channel currently broadcasting the Ottoman hit is Divinity which to date has broadcast up to chapter 14. If in Turkey the original chapters of this telenovela have a longer duration, in Spain they are divided according to the channel’s programming.

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For now, it is unknown what will happen in Spain’s programming after it was announced that production will soon come to an end in its country of origin.

When this news was known, many of the fans of the soap opera have shown their sadness to know that the story of Haziran and Poyraz will not have greater continuity.

In Turkey the recordings were announced up to chapter 25.
In Turkey the recordings were announced up to chapter 25.


Alp Navruz and Ayca Aysin, the protagonists of “There is a problem”, The new Turkish soap opera that will premiere on Divinity in Spain, they are not officially a couple in real life, despite the rumors and speculations of their followers on social networks.

Both have also shown photographs together, but as part of the promotion of the Ottoman series known as “The tale of the island”. However, many fans have commented that this would be to mislead the press and keep their privacy as a couple confidential.

Navruz, at one point, was consulted about the rumors of his courtship with Ayça Aysin and did not rule out their possible romantic relationship. “We have very good energy and we understand each other very well,” he replied to the Turkish press, without adding more, at a conference for Yves Rocher’s campaign.

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