Actress María Duval, icon of Argentine cinema, died

Mary Duval, one of the most important actresses in Argentine cinema of the last century, died on May 10. The sad news was confirmed by Frederick Grosman, one of his grandchildren. “He died peacefully, calmly, at home, without suffering, it is part of life“.

Born under the name of María Mogilevsky on May 17, 1926 in Bahía Blanca, she knew from a young age that she wanted to dedicate herself to art.

Among his films are: Brother José, together with Pepe Arias; Every home a world, with Carlos Cores; His first dance, with Stephen Serratedr; The boys grow up Arturo Garcia Buhr; and uncertaintywith Pedro Lopez Lagar.

“Miracle of Love”, starring María Duval.

Also Ash in the wind, with Berta Singerman and Tita Merello: The spring bride, with Robert Airaldi; When the orange tree blooms, with Angel Magana; Almost a dream, with Ricardo Pasano; 16 years old, with Georges Rigaud; black valley, with Carlos Cores; Lost kisses, with Hector Coire; The honor of men, with Alberto Closas; and The Three Rats, with Amelia Bence and Mecha Ortiz. Also Miracle of Love, with Andrew Mejuteither; The dark path, with Elsa O’Connor; The rattlesnake, with John Charles Thorry; Story of a bad woman, with Dolores del Rio and Fernando Lamas; star date, with Osvaldo Miranda and Analía Gadé; and The Strange Case of the Female Murderer, with Malisa Zini.

In addition, he carried out charitable actions: he had a dining room and for more than 10 years he worked for the Israelita Hospital.

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