Actress Alice Bend loves blue: 7 times in one swimsuit!

Alice knows very well what her strengths are, and a top view of her bust in a blue and white fringed swimsuit brings many men to a boil. “Very interesting what light and position can do with a photo,” the actress already knows how to look her best. The swimsuit traveled with her across the Canary Islands, and when she could not go beyond the borders, the sun lover spent time by the pool of her house and her favorite bikini, which adorned her body for three years, of course with her. For her age, the actress has a great figure, which she keeps running and a few tempos in the pool or by the sea.

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A wedding in Tenerife?

In January 2021, her partner Michal Topol (36) asked for her hand, but the party has not yet taken place. She is currently spending a well-deserved vacation in Tenerife, and since it is her beloved place, they could say “yes” here. In the meantime, the partners are relaxing by the sea and enjoying a glass of wine at sunset.

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