Actor sacrificed himself for role in Stranger Things 4: “I felt miserable”

Stranger Things season 4, according to fans and experts, is the best season yet. Spectators can’t wait for the final stretch, which arrives in the catalog of Netflix in early July. Meanwhile, an actor from the series spoke about his role in a press conference. In the interview, the star describes his experience as “miserable”.

“Darkness returns to Hawkins just in time for the holidays, bringing terror, disturbing memories and a terrifying new threat,” reads the synopsis for Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix.

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Due to the huge length of the new episodes, Netflix decided to split Season 4 of Stranger Things into two parts. The 1st is now available on the platform, while the 2nd is coming soon to streaming.

While the final stretch of the 4th season of Stranger Things does not premiere, we explain below why one of the actors of the series felt “miserable” in the middle of the recordings.

Joseph Quinn’s Stranger Things Experience Was Intense And Remarkable

One of the great assets of Stranger Things season 4 is the introduction of new characters.

According to fans of the series, one of the best debuts is that of Eddie Munson. In the fourth year, the character is played by British Joseph Quinn.

Many viewers don’t know, but metalhead Eddie Munson is based on a tragic real-life figure.

In a recent interview, the actor discussed his casting in Stranger Things and his experience on Netflix sets.

“At first I had no expectations, as they cause big problems. Clearly, something works in this Stranger Things model. People really love the show, and when you start integrating something with that level of devotion, you’re worried about screwing it up.”

Joseph Quinn also thanked fans for their support on Netflix, and said he was “glad I didn’t ruin the show.”

In Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn’s character is much younger than the actor. In another chat with the press, the actor said that playing a teenager is a “miserable” experience.

“To ensure a more youthful appearance, I went on a fast and stopped eating carbs and drinking black coffee. I felt miserable. But I knew Eddie had to be slender. It’s very different when you lose 10 pounds.”

In real life, Joseph Quinn is 29 years old. The actor is about 10 years older than his character, who is between 19 and 20 years old.

To play Eddie, Quinn also had to switch from his characteristic London accent to the American cadence.

“Not only is Eddie a lot younger than me, he didn’t come from south London. But my vocal coach was amazing.”

The final stretch of Stranger Things season 4 premieres on Netflix on July 1. See the trailer below.

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