Actor Miroslav Hanuš (58): Wife in tears because of …

Behind everything is a book about relationships, a bestseller Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps. It sold over 31 million and bought it in the world Miroslav Hanus. Although it is more of a manual without characters and plot, he managed to transfer it to the stage. And from the position of director, he also cast himself, entrusting the choreography to his wife Jana.

Have you been inspired by private situations?

“You know I do! I have been with my wife for thirty years, I am a grandfather, we have experienced a lot, our relationship has somehow developed over the years. So some of the dialogues are really from home. ”

Actor Miroslav Hanuš drives Reflex photographer Nguyen Phuong Thao on a motorcycle

For example?

“Such an ordinary thing – a daughter was supposed to have a snack. A man is always one sentence behind because a woman thinks faster. So we haven’t agreed on the whole time. Finally, I said to my wife: Why are you asking me about this snack when it’s all clear to you? She cried and said: I just wanted to talk! She put the crown on it and confused me completely. “

So you think it’s true that men don’t listen and women can’t read maps?

“With that orientation in maps and in space, this is true, even if there are exceptions. But maybe my wife almost always goes to the other side. Maybe we go into a store abroad, go out and she doesn’t go in the direction we wanted to go, but she goes back. Because “left” and “right” have turned around in the meantime. “(Laughs)

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