Actor insisted to have story altered in Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery urged the Stranger Things writers to have Billy’s story changed. The actor wanted to show on Netflix that the character was not a bully for no reason or simply a sociopath.

Billy was introduced in the second season of the series. The character appears as Max’s bully brother, who put fear in the main characters.

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In the third year of Stranger Things, Billy came to a tragic end when he was dominated by the Mind Flayer. At this point, however, the character had a final heroic act.

While saving the characters on Netflix, Billy also revealed that the anger was born out of his mother’s absence. This point was added at the insistence of Dacre Montgomery.

“I think humanizing the villain is the most organic way to represent him, good and evil, I think we all have characteristics on both sides, you know what I mean? So I’ve done a lot of research with people with bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder and I’ve tried to have that person suffer under the surface throughout the season,” the actor told This Morning.

Season four of Stranger Things is confirmed on Netflix

Netflix has confirmed that the fourth season of Stranger Things arrives in the winter of 2022. The announcement was made in a video to publicize the titles of the episodes.

When revealing the titles, Netflix also reveals how many episodes the fourth season will have. In total, the new year will have nine chapters.

The video further reinforces what was indicated before. The story of Stranger Things will take place during the spring break of 1986.

Check out the video below with the titles of the chapters and forecast for the fourth season of Stranger Things.

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