He planned a one-year break because he doesn’t want to jump out of the fridge at people anymore. “When I look at what I have sown and reap, it seems to me that there is too much. I think I should limit it somehow…” proclaims a former member of the Dejvické Theater, who is currently the harsh head of the murder party in the Crime Scene of České Budějovice on Mondays and the explosive father from the family in Kukačky 2 on Fridays. And in both cases, his character’s name is the same – Karel. TV is full of him “It is not right,” he commented on the fact that the TV is now full of him. However, he took on the series roles himself. Opportunities Novotny he used to walk a lot even before, but he deliberately dosed them so that, according to him, he still had moments of laziness and boredom. But then he had to change his mind.

Bank striptease

“It was a trickle, but it was also due to covid, which changed my decision about how much I would pour on. Because nothing came out of the mattress,” the father of Antonia Josefína (7), Maria Anežka (13), Josef Hugo (10) and Emma (18) admitted financial problems. “It stops, you are happy for a while, you show the children Prague, then you sit and the money just flies out,” finished his bank striptease. “Some more arrived, but then suddenly nothing,” he said Adele Gondíková (49) in Czech Radio. “It flies away and you say to yourself: Hmm, that’s interesting, in a state of war and in a state of illness, who cares if I can write a poem and somersault… What’s the point? Useless!”

Seroš X: Cuckoos

Theater stop sign

Due to well-paid roles on Czech television, he put theater on the sidelines. “When I’m shooting, I don’t want to play a show. Because I don’t have the magic for that anymore. And I would have to cheat something, I would be caught doing it and I wouldn’t like it and it would annoy me,” Novotný, whom the audience also sees in Kukačky 2, made no secret. Even though he could have cheated his monologues in the interrogation room, he preferred to learn them. “I don’t like watching detective stories and I don’t like watching someone have a big monologue and read it somewhere. So I finished the shoot, went home and had to learn a big block, which I don’t even own.” concluded. Tonight you can watch it from 8:15 p.m. in the Crime Scene of České Budějovice on CT 1.

Leo Leg: From Jesus skin

Leoš Noha (54), who plays one of the members of the blue party, had to save considerably more than Novotný on the set. Although he is no longer in danger of a heart transplant as he was a few years ago, he is still only functioning at forty percent. “It’s pretty embarrassing when you watch an actor on stage who can’t breathe. When you’re filming, it stops, but it doesn’t work in the theater,” admitted in the music program Recky II. In the series, he seems to have fit the role of a policeman who prefers to investigate over a beer in a pub. “I don’t get drunk and fart like that anymore. Thanks to that, my heart started working from 14 percent to 40 percent, so with this heart I’m probably going to last.” he added that theater is a low-paying hobby and he also takes serials because of the bills. But the role also pays off in his personal life. He is said to have recently received a sexual proposition on the subway. “Out of the blue, a lady yelled at me – Wednesday, he’s needed there. But then again, I didn’t like her that much, I moved on,” joked a member of the band Buzerant, who changed his appearance a few years ago and got a haircut. He grew his hair for Honzo Prušinovský (43), in whose hit song MOST! he was supposed to play a priest and look like Jesus. “I let it grow for five years, then he called me again and offered me the skinhead role,” laughed Áda from the District Championship.

Filip Březina: Runs on Lysa

Unlike his colleagues, the young actor Filip Březina (27) alias Petr Braun was investigating the action scenes in the South Bohemian crime scene. Of course not, when he has the best physique of all the actors on the set and loves running so much that the year before last he also completed the Beskydy Seven, leading over seven peaks in the Beskydy with a total elevation gain of 5,500 meters and a 100-kilometer route. “It’s not good to run in Prague during the winter, but when I’m at home in Ostrava, I go for a run on Lysa hora almost every day. Run up and run down. I’m already looking forward to the next time I go there, to have Lysa Hora at least six times.” he revealed to Novinka, saying that he gave this route five times in one day. But the ladies have to let their taste for his toned body go – the actor is in love with the photographer Kateřina Šrámková.

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