Actor bard Karel Heřmánek: GAVE UP A PACKAGE OF MONEY!

Chamomile he is one of the few actors who refuse to play in endless, but now also “finite” series. Of the post-revolutionary ones, he tried it, for example, in the novice Gimple with limited (r)learning, where he played the director of a gymnasium, and – as he says – that was enough for him.

As a day laborer

“I felt like a day laborer. You don’t know at all what will happen in the next part and what the authors will do with you, so you are such a slave. And I don’t like these feelings” explains why he rejects today’s series. “I don’t need it anymore,” adds the actor, who in 1990 founded one of the first private theaters in our country – the Theater Without Rails.

Let the young play

In the past, he played here and there in the series. He doesn’t like the current »soap operas«, but he understands the actors who play in them for a living. “First of all, finances are important for young actors. And then they need to be seen somewhere, to present themselves. I am no longer in this position,” says Heřmánek, why did he refuse the opportunity to earn decent money even now. “Now I’ve got an offer for forty episodes and I don’t want to do it. I’m a happy pensioner and it suits me so far,” supplies.

Karel Heřmánek and his wife Hana celebrated their 30th anniversary: ​​Two operations and an unusual gift!

The son in the white coat

Karel Heřmánek Jr. took over the principal reins from his father. (33). And since every crown is good for the theater, he doesn’t avoid serials either. You could see him, for example, in the new series Ordinace v rozá žáděn 2 and Anatomie života.

Karel Heřmánek (74) admitted to Lightning: He refused a package of money!

Disappointed Street

The last endless series in which Karel Heřmánek appeared was the newcomer Ulice. Some time ago, he appeared there as a childhood friend of Amálka Pešková in a performance Dany Syslova (76). Loyal viewers of the series were looking forward to the fact that an attractive guy would become the love rival of the old Pešek – Rudolf Hrušínský Jr. (75). But as suddenly as Chamomile appeared, he disappeared again.

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