Action, Mara Carfagna is the new president: “Goal to become the first Italian party”

“We will elect Mara Carfagna president. He is a very important personality for us also to be able to speak to Southern Italy. It is no coincidence that we are having this meeting in Naples. There is work to be done to recover the representation of those who think that the South is not condemned to welfare and can instead emancipate itself, have industries, have services, have education and health care. These are our priorities in the coming months”. atnational assembly from Actionat the Politeama theater in Naples, the secretary Charles Calenda invests the former Berlusconi minister as the successor of Matthew Richetti to the presidency of the party. And he reiterates the obvious: “If any of you thought about becoming a rib of the Pd, I guarantee that he was very wrong”. The Dems, she says for the umpteenth time, “have to decide if they are with us or with the 5 stars. I think in the end they will decide to go with the 5 stars, in my opinion it’s a mistake. They can also change course and decide to open a discussion with us on a reformist agenda, but they decide, because they can’t go on like this”.

The new president, on the other hand, dreams big: the goal, “a lot ambitious but not impossible“, is to “do the action the first Italian party“, says Carfagna. “It is a necessary objective because our country needs a party that protects it and does not expose it to adventures, leaps in the dark and fake and improbable revolutions, but it needs a party that never questions the international alliances and membership of the European Union. There is a need for this big house of the liberal themof the popular and gods reformists Italians who are orphans of the houses they belong to after the crisis of bipolarity”, he maintains. And on the candidacy of Letizia Moratti to the presidency of Lombardy he assures: “We run to win, I don’t know what the Democratic Party intends to do. Perhaps he is running to avoid another split, so as not to displease the 5 Star Movement. It is not clear what their goal is. Our goal is to win and Moratti is the right profile”.

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