Action hero Bruce Lee (†32): Did they solve the mystery of his death?!

The Hollywood action hero died at the age of just 32 in the summer of 1973. An autopsy at the time showed swelling on the brain. The doctors thought it was because of him that he took the painkillers. But now everything shows that the cause was hyponatremia, which means an abnormally low level of sodium in the blood. The body needs sodium to regulate the amount of water in the body and to control blood pressure, nerves and muscles.

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Too few electrolytes causes water to build up in and around the body’s cells. This causes them to swell and can cause symptoms that can range from mild to life-threatening, such as headaches, vomiting and seizures. But deaths and hospitalizations were only reported after people drank seven to eight liters of clean water. At the same time, only around two per day is recommended.

The condition corresponded to Bruce, while he even had several risk factors for the condition. He drank large amounts of fluids, consumed cannabis, which increases thirst, and took prescription drugs. And he also indulged in alcohol. All this reduces the efficiency of the kidneys. “We assume that the actor’s kidneys were not able to excrete enough water to maintain the required level,” said the scientists, adding to the good news “The irony is that Bruce made the famous quote ‘Water, be my friend!’, and it was the water that ultimately killed him…”

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