Action classic “Bullitt” returns: Steven Spielberg has the perfect replacement for Steve McQueen

Frank Bullitt is set to return. And it looks like Steven Spielberg has already found a perfect replacement for Steve McQueen.


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“A man and his car fight against injustice”: Although this sentence comes from the series “Knight Rider”, it could also stand for “Bullitt”. It had two main characters – the unforgettable Steve McQueen and the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. Director Peter Yates didn’t invent the contemporary action genre with the classic, that credit belongs to the James Bond films starring Sean Connery as Her Majesty’s Agent, probably alongside Alfred Hitchcock’s The Invisible Third, but Bullitt should influence the action genre forever. The ten-minute chase between the Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger remains one of the most iconic moments in the film and one of the best of its kind.

Now, swashbuckling San Francisco cop Frank Bullitt is set to return in a new movie. The original film was still based on the novel “Department 52, New York” by Robert L. Pike, a pseudonym of the author Robert L. Fish. According to information from deadline not a remake, but a standalone story centered on Frank Bullitt. Producer Steven Spielberg has even found a more than adequate replacement for Steve McQueen: Bradley Cooper.

The 47-year-old has the on-screen charisma and nuanced play skills to bring new life to the character McQueen immortalized. Cooper and Spielberg should have had enough time to think about it. It’s said they’ve been talking about bringing Frank Bullitt back with a new story since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Josh Singer (“The Publisher”) wrote the screenplay. Alongside Spielberg and Cooper, McQueen’s son Chad and granddaughter Molly McQueen will serve as producers.

Only the question of direction remains. Both Spielberg and Cooper would be suitable, but neither has been confirmed. So it’s quite possible that someone else has to be found. Cooper landed an emotional hit with his directorial debut “A Star is Born”, as emotional and sad as these other films in the Video.

Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper have always wanted to work together

Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper have wanted to work together for a while. That could have even worked in 2014 with “American Sniper”. Spielberg was in talks to do it, but ultimately decided against it, with Clint Eastwood taking over as director. The same is true for Maestro, Cooper’s next directorial effort after A Star is Born, which Spielberg was also slated to direct. The fact that it finally worked out on the third try can definitely be described as a stroke of luck – especially with the planned film.

One thing is already certain: Spielberg, Cooper and Co. have to top the chase, which is still breathtaking today – with an action hunt that is even able to overshadow everything that cinema fans have seen from later classics such as “Focus on Brooklyn”, “Ronin ‘ and also from the ‘Fast & Furious’ series and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

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