Acorn TV adds to its catalog River, an intelligent and attractive policeman with Stellan Skarsgard

Streaming platforms have taken over the audiovisual market with different proposals. AND Acorn TV is one of them. With a catalog dedicated especially to fans of British content and of different genres, this Thursday the service added a new series. Is about River, a policeman of only 6 chapters starring nothing less than Stellan Skarsgard, known for his performances in Good Will Hunting, Goya’s Ghosts and more recently in Dune.

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If you like stories full of mystery and intrigue but with a dramatic touch, surely this is an option that you will not regret seeing. We tell you a little more about what it is about.

Created by Abi Morgan, River premiered in 2015 and aired on the network BBC. It follows the life of a detective and police officer who is mentally haunted by the victims of the cases he investigated in the past. Everything gets worse when your friend and partner Jackie Stevenson she dies and he sets out to find out what really happened to her.

In addition to Skarsgard, who gives a majestic performance as this memory-haunted sergeant, he is joined in the cast by Lesley Manville, Nicola Walker, Adeel Akhtar, Eddie Marsan, Georgina Rich, Sorcha Cusack, Steve Nicolson yTurlough Convery.

In a report we had access to thanks to Acorn TV, Skarsgard tells in more detail what it is that caught his attention in the story of John River.

“If it were a normal television series, it would be quite easy to tell you, but it is not and that is why I am in it. On the surface you could say that it is a story of a crime, but in reality it is more about the nervous breakdown of a person or their psychological state. This police officer I am playing has a mental disorder. We have heard a lot about people who hear voices, but actually he sees those people he is talking to too, and very often they are the crime victims who appear and talk to him. They are not like ghosts, they are his own creations “, said the Swedish actor.

Meanwhile, he also counted in what aspects do you feel identified with the character. “I can relate to anyone and I can also relate to River, but it’s not like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve seen a lot of manifestos myself.’ ‘It’s nothing like that. I relate to him when he’s angry I can relate to his anger and when he is sad I can relate to his sadness, when he is jealous I can relate to his jealousy, as we all do “revealed.

About working on an Abi Morgan creation, Skarsgard said: “I took the job for its writing because it doesn’t look like anything else. His writing is not linear. It is more full of strange impulses. It throws you from thought to thought in a less organized way, and to me that sounds a lot more like life than a lot of the writing you get, which is extremely structured and polished and is from the ‘How to write a screenplay book. ‘. I find that I am looking for what I can do with words because poetry is there in his writing. His dialogue often takes the character and repositions him so frequently into short dialogue that it becomes very interesting. Very different, but very interesting for the actors to work with. “

Finally, the interpreter reflected on what the viewer might like the most about this series. “Of course, I hope they are entertained, not necessarily in the sense that it is your average type of entertainment. I want them to be entertained but in a different way and maybe find some fascination in things they don’t usually see. It is very much a series about humans and human behavior; extremely charming, warm and compassionate without being overly sentimental … Everything is done with a lot of love for life, even if on some levels it can be depressing or sad, on other levels it is like life; comical, dramatic and funny “, Hill.

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River Is available in Acorn TV from this Thursday and, without a doubt, it is a very good recommendation for this weekend.

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