Acne and pigmentation spots: this vitamin C serum for less than 10E freaks out TikTok

If salicylic acid is renowned for its antibacterial side, hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturizing and anti-aging effects, vitamin C is very popular for its benefits on radiance, skin texture and wrinkles. Those who are prone to acne and blemishes have certainly already added vitamin C products to their routine. And we bet you may have already tried The Ordinary brand Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% Vitamin C Serum. A true best-seller on an international scale, it has very often been out of stock, as it is so effective on pigment spots and on the radiance of the skin… with the added bonus of a very affordable price.

A serum for less than 10 € maddens TikTok
In recent days, a vitamin C serum of the same kind, has been at the heart of a global buzz after the broadcast of a video on TikTok, A user who responds to the username of @carlalandy shared her experience after using the serum with vitamin C from the Elbbub brand for a few days. Prone to acne, she shows that in less than a week, most of her pimples have disappeared, that her redness has diminished and that her skin texture is very smooth. Enough to convince thousands of people who have rushed on this product which costs only € 9.99!

Enriched with aloe vera which has antibacterial virtues, and jojoba oil which has moisturizing, soothing and regenerating properties, this treatment helps reduce stains, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eradicate pimples, smooth and plump the epidermis but also to maintain the hydration of the skin. If it is a bit difficult to find in France, it is however available HERE on Amazon and on the site too, the opinions are positive.

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