Achille Lauro wins “A voice for San Marino”: he will challenge Blanco and Mahmood at Eurovision

Achille Lauro wins “A voice for San Marino” and fly toEurovision Song Contest 2022 where he will challenge, among others, the winners of the F.estival of Sanremo Mahmood and Blanco. For days now the San Marino singing competition had conquered the limelight thanks to the many Italian singers who saw it as the “last resort” to reach Eurovision after the lack of success in Sanremo. Participation in “A Voice for San Marino “ it is indeed open to all artists, big and emerging, “without limitations of citizenship and choice of language in the interpretation of the piece presented for the competition”. Here then is that the Roman singer appeared in the competition in the singing contest of the Titan with the song “Stripper“, Challenging among others too Valerio Scanu and Ivana Spagna.

To decree his victory was the jury chaired by Mogol, during the final evening which was held on the evening of Saturday 19 December at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana, broadcast live on San Marino Rtv. In second place the DJ Burak Yeter with Alessandro Coli (among the big names with “More than you”), third the emerging Aaron Sibley from the United Kingdom (“Pressure”). Guests of the grand final Al Bano Carrisi and Mirko Casadei for a tribute to his father Raoul.

Among the singers in the competition – presented by the Italian-Eritrean artist Senhit, who represented San Marino last year with “Adrenalina”, and by the Israeli conductor Jonathan Kashanian – there were precisely Valerio Scanu and Ivana Spagna; then Alberto Fortis with the Formula 3 drummer Tony Cicco and the Roman band Deshedus, the former tronist Francesco Monte, Cristina Ramos, winner of “Got talent Espana” and “La Voz Mexico”, Matteo Faustini, winner of the Lunezia Prize for “New proposals” of Sanremo 2020, and the “wild card” Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio, first participants for San Marino at Eurovision in 2008. He gave instead forfeit for health reasons the rapper Blindamong the protagonists of X-Factor 2020.

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