Accused of sexual assault, Illan is beaten up in the street: "Hello from Alix"

Illan, a reality TV candidate known for his participation in “Marseillais”, “Objectif Reste du monde” or “Les Anges”, has been in turmoil for a few days. The young man is accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

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“We grab the girl by the hair, she doesn’t want to, she says no. We try to ask her for favors, she refuses, she cries”, details Alix Desmoineaux, another reality TV star who confirms the existence of ‘a video that she saw but does not have in her possession. According to blogger Nabil El Moudni, the one in possession of the video is Sebydaddy.

The day after these accusations, Illan spoke on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. Faced with Cyril Hanouna and his band of chroniclers, Illan denied outright. “This video does not exist”, insists the candidate before adding: “I have never done that in my life, filmed or not filmed. Bloggers told me that they had the video. I gave them says: ‘Get out there, I beg you, because it does not exist.’ This is totally false. It is unfounded because there is no victim, no complaint, no video. video was shown, in no case was I assaulting someone sexually (…) Today, I am totally serene “. Illan also announced that he had filed a complaint against Alix Desmoineaux for defamation.

This Sunday, November 21, 2021, it’s a new incredible twist that turns this affair upside down. A video in which we can see Illan being beaten up in the middle of the street is making the rounds on social networks. In the images, taken in the middle of the night, Illan can be heard asking his attacker: “Stop! Stop!”. The man answers him, with a doctored voice: “You have the hello from Alix”. The video was reportedly sent to several bloggers who decided to relay it on social networks. For now, no information on Illan’s state of health has been released. The young man has not yet spoken.


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