‘Accused’ of “having another one” Popcorn reacts and shoots: “What about her? Dispatching one in the kitchen, another in room 1,2,3..”

It was Madalena Abecasis who started this ‘exchange of accusations’ on social networks, but it was nothing more than a fun campaign for a brand of Popcorn.

The digital influencer used the stage name of Ana Garcia Martins, ‘Pipoca Mais Doce’, for an intelligent and very fun joke, making a pun on the words insinuating that the former Big Brother commentator would have another boyfriend.

“Popcorn has another one! The others were already great but this one is my favorite! Sorry @apipocamaisdoce but it had to be 😂😂” wrote in the video you shared.

On the morning of this Thursday, July 21, Ana Garcia Martins reacted to Madalena Abecasis’ video and the result was equally fun.

“Madalena Abecasis came to insinuate that I have another…”, started by explaining to followers about the situation. “But it’s a lie… of course it’s a lie! Now she… why do you think she moved?… I never went there, but who knows, she has been seen dispatching one in the kitchen, dispatching one in the kitchen, another in room one, in room two, in the living room three, in room 25…” fun shot.

The subject was always the same, the popcorn packets, which at the end of her video, Ana Garcia Martins joked, still assuming that at times in her life she also had “two or three”but who was now faithful: “Not now, now I’m faithful, now I’ve found this one and it’s for life… which one? Caramel and Bananafinished.

Look here:

Madalena Abecasis reacted immediately in the comments to the video: “Ahahahahahaahahahaha it could only be BANANA!! You taradonaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂”.

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