According to ex: Christina Ricci is said to psychologically abuse her son

Christina Ricci (42) and James Heerdegen continue to fight a dirty war of roses. The two were married for seven years, the ex-couple has children together – son Freddie. The actress filed for divorce two years ago, and it was only in December 2022 that she was able to come to an agreement with her former partner. But the harmony between the two was short-lived: James accused Christinato psychologically abuse Freddie.

According to court documents, the Radar online are available, the “Wednesday” actress asked the court to change the custody agreement. This is based on recommendations from a therapist. then accused James his ex-wife of the psychological abuse of their child. The 42-year-old is said to have spoken to Freddie about her broken marriage: “She tells him details of our marriage that are often made up and certainly inappropriate for a young child.” In addition, should Christina have hired a private social worker to meet with Freddie with the “obvious goal of gathering evidence of inappropriate behavior that can be used against his father”.

how TMZ reported to have James and Christina obtain joint custody of their son. However, she is allowed to make important medical and school decisions on her own. In addition, will Christina pay for the medical costs and the costs for the private school alone.

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Christina Ricci with her ex-husband James Heerdegen


James Herdeegen with Christina Ricci, 2017
Christina Ricci, actress

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