According to Annelies Verlinden, the consultation committee could meet this Friday: “If it is necessary to act, we must act”!

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It is possible that in the coming days, further strengthening measures will be announced to contain the spread of the coronavirus. This is what the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) said on Thursday in “De Ochtend” on Radio 1. She does not rule out the consultation committee meeting tomorrow / Friday.

The healthcare sector is sounding the alarm as infection rates hit record highs. “I think we need to give this post a really good follow-up,” Verlinden said on Thursday. “If it is necessary to act, we must act. We have always said that we can act quickly when needed, and if the numbers are now such that we need to act, we have to make decisions ”.

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Mr Verlinden is thinking in particular of areas where many people congregate and where it is difficult to keep a certain distance, such as nightlife and mass events. “There are sectors, I am citing dance halls and discotheques, which today are confronted with difficult measures. We don’t help them by leaving the ambiguity too long. As far as I’m concerned, these are things that need to be discussed ”.

Thursday, there will be numerous consultations within the government to prepare a possible consultation committee, revealed the minister. “I can assure you that with the Prime Minister we are considering when we should sit down together again and I think it will be much sooner than we originally envisioned.”

Other policies confirm it

The Brussels Minister of Health Alain Maron (Ecolo) declared on Bel RTL that “the next Codeco was scheduled in a few days (…). It is expected that there will be one at the beginning of next week if I understood correctly ”. For him, “it is becoming worrying” not to see the figures decline despite the measures already taken. “The models predict a peak in mid-December but we need an inflection of the figures in the coming days,” he warned.

On LN24, the co-president of Ecolo Rajae Maouane admitted that it was necessary to “take measures quickly” while calling for “not to be in a hurry”, recalling that a Codeco had already been held last week . “The situation is very tense” both in hospitals and in terms of contamination, but we must “watch the situation calm”. However, this Codeco must stand up “as quickly as possible” while retaining a certain “humility”. “What is disturbing in this crisis is that we are not sure of anything. This crisis upsets our certainties and we must have the humility to say that whatever decisions we take today, maybe tomorrow they will no longer be the right ones ”.

These positions come after a call from the health world to take stricter measures but also from the country’s provincial governors, who yesterday / Wednesday called for an advanced Codeco and a common base of measures. To which the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez retorted on Twitter, “the governors must help enforce the current rules. Virologists must advise governments. But none of them should fuel anxiety ”. For the Liberal, “the moment requires not to add confusion. Cold blood must remain in order ”.

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