Accidents at work, a 27-year-old boy died in Enna: he fell from the roof where he was doing maintenance. It was his first day

A boy of 27 years old originally from Niscemi has lost his life in the course of his first day of work: fell more than ten meters from the roof of a goods warehouse in a food discount store in Dictane (Enna). It happened on the 4th of July, but the news was spread on the 5th. The young man, who died despite the rescue attempts, was an employee of an srl of Ragusa and he was working on the maintenance of the roof from which he then fell. An investigation has been opened with a seizure order of the area in question.

“A young worker lost his life on his first day of work: it is unacceptable. Security must be respected. While waiting for the judiciary to clarify the causes of this incident, we emphasize the need for more controls and more inspectors in the organic plant. But training is also needed for all workers, both before and during the contract ”. Like this Luisella Lionti, secretary of Uil Sicilia and Area Vasta. “Injuries are a national emergency, and as the secretary Pierpaolo Bombardieri himself said, we need to do more and immediately take all the necessary measures – he adds -. We must insist on prevention, training and professional retraining ”.

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