Accidents at work, 50-year-old worker who died crushed by an excavator in Brianza

A worker is crushed dead from the cabin of an excavator in the course of the afternoon in a road construction site in Besana in Brianza. The firefighters, local police officers and 118 staff arrived on the scene, who could only ascertain the death of the man, of the apparent age of fifty.

This is the second worker crushed dead on a road construction site in two days. In fact, the recent death, in Novate Milanese, of a 63-year-old: he was hit by the extreme part of the arm of an excavator, which had detached.

In Milan, on the other hand, a 47-year-old worker was crushed by a safe cabinet of the estimated weight of about 3 quintals during a renovation. The man reported abdominal trauma he was born in hip bone and one arm. Rescue, he was transferred in red code to the Niguarda hospital in Milan.

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