Accident or intention ?: Patricia Blanco flashes her new breasts

Accident or intention?
Patricia Blanco flashes her new breasts

It’s the classic among the faux pas on the red carpet: the breast flash. At the Hamburg Press Ball this weekend, it’s Patricia Blanco who triggers the nipple alarm. But this probably doesn’t happen quite unintentionally.

Patricia Blanco essentially owes her B prominence to three circumstances. On the one hand, of course, her famous father Roberto Blanco, even if she was anything but good at him in the past. On the other hand, their own appearances in a wide variety of reality TV formats – from “Big Brother” (2009) to the jungle camp (2015) and the “Summer House of the Stars” (2018) to “Celebrities under Palm Trees” (2021). And last but not least: her breasts.

After all, the artificial bust size of the 51-year-old has been making the headlines almost regularly since 2018. The reason: About four and a half years ago, Blanco experienced a “breast surgery nightmare”, as called it at the time. When her breasts were lifted, both her nipples had died. Shocking photos showed how only two dark craters opened up where the nipples normally sit.

But Blanco not only let the public participate in this fiasco, but also in the month-long surgical marathon to correct the botched beauty procedure. The interested audience then learned some interesting details, such as the fact that a reconstruction of the nipples with tissue from Blanco’s labia was being considered.

Breast mishap has a happy ending

It’s been quite a while now. And it looks like Blanco’s bosom mishap has now found a happy ending. At least visually, because – we also learned that boiling hot – Blanco will probably never develop a feeling on her nipples again.

At the 72nd Hamburg Press Ball in the “Grand Elysée” hotel over the weekend, we were able to convince ourselves that outwardly everything seems okay again. The approximately 500 guests included Patricia Blanco and her fiancé Andreas Ellermann. On the red carpet, Blanco then did what could be called the classic blunder on this occasion: her breast slipped out from under the dress. And lo and behold: you might think that the breast nightmare would never have existed.

“Did I make a joke out of it”

But was this really a faux pas or did Blanco flash her bust size on purpose? According to the motto: “Look, everything is fine!” The fact that she even completely exposed her breasts to the “Bild” newspaper, for example, speaks for the latter variant, so that really no questions remained unanswered.

“I was so stressed today that I forgot to get some little stickers,” Blanco explained, explaining why she hadn’t taped her dress to prevent it from slipping. “So I made a gag out of it and showed everything right away,” she continued. Aha! A mixture of accident and intention. And regardless of whether they laughed at the gag or not, everyone now knows how Blanco’s breasts will be in 2022.

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