Accident on the N90 in Goutroux this Saturday: 5 injured, 4 ambulances, 1 SMUR… and a baby who was very lucky!

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The driver, accompanied by another person and a baby, was traveling on the road in his Mazda when he noticed a person walking on the emergency lane.

Out of pure benevolence, the driver stops and asks the individual if he does not need help. The latter explains to him that he broke down with his scooter, a little further. An act that could not be more respectable on the part of the motorist … But extremely dangerous!

Indeed, he stopped in the middle of the traffic lane …

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A stop that surprised the other motorist involved, a lady in a 4X4. Although she could not avoid the collision, she was still able to avoid a larger impact by trying to avoid it from the left.

The 4X4 hit the left rear part of the vehicle, before rolling over and finishing its race on the roof.

A miracle baby!

Although the collision could not be avoided, the lady’s reflex certainly saved the life of the baby in the back seat of the Mazda …

>>> Info and photos to find HERE

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