Accelerator pedal pressed too far: young driver rams the side wall of an old barn with a very expensive BMW

Afterwards, the young driver received a big scolding from his father. © ypw


A spectacular accident happened in the Biezestraat in Hamme last night. A young driver rammed into the facade of an old barn with a very expensive BMW M5.

Peter Van Hecke

At around 0.15 am, a young man lost control of the wheel of a heavy and expensive BMW M5. He had pushed the sports car’s accelerator a little too far. The car began to skid and crashed hard into the side wall of an old barn.

Miraculously, the driver and passenger were unharmed. They did get a big scolding from the driver’s father. The owner of the barn was sleeping in the back of the living area. The part of the barn that was damaged served as a warehouse. The fire department had a lot of clean-up work and had to prop up the barn.

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