ACADEMICS : Maths Teacher

Academics are looking to recruit! Both newly qualified and experienced Maths teachers to join us. For a newly qualified teacher beginning your career working in multiple schools can be an excellent way to gain experience, understand your own teaching style and build relationships with school. For experienced teachers working in this style can be an excellent way to challenge yourself and gain new experiences.

What we are looking for:

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  • Experience teaching Maths across Key stage 3 & 4 (Desirable).
  • A passion for education as well as the ability to adapt your teaching style to support different pupils needs.
  • A confident approach to both delivering and preparing lessons, preparing independent learning exercises and methods that are able to cater to different capabilities.
  • Able to manage student behaviour comfortably and abide by school policies.

Academics have an excellent relationship with schools around Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford. Working in a supply context is a brilliant way to carve a career for yourself.

If you’d like to discuss opportunities with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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