Abusive and toxic Johnny Depp: after Amber Heard, another ex comes out of the silence … This powerful sedative that the actor would have used to make her succumb!

For several months, Johnny Depp’s private life has been constantly dissected in the tabloids. Last June, his ex-wife Amber Heard was ordered to pay him $15 million for “defamation”. For his part, the actor who was also found guilty did not escape damages. Following the verdict, the former mother-in-law of Lily-Rose and Jack appealed… In the same way as Johnny Depp.

Indeed, the ex-star of Pirates of the Caribbean wishes to have his three convictions quashed. According to the latest news, a new testimony against the artist risks further damaging his image. Ellen Barkin who distinguished herself in fiction Animal Kingdom in 2016 made terrible revelations about him. According to his words, the duo would have been lovers in the past. But their idyll had the merit of marking the latter as underlined Pure people.

“I protested, a little, and then a little less…”

As a reminder, they met at the end of the 90s on the set of Las Vegas Paranoid by Terry Gilliam. As she pointed out, Johnny Depp would have done everything to achieve his ends… “He came into my living room at my house, sat me on his lap and said something like, ‘Oh, come on Ellen!’ », she revealed. “I protested, a little, and then a little less. And There you go “.

However, Ellen Barkin specifies that the actor would not have assaulted her… But he would have made her take a powerful sedative while asking her if she had “desire to kiss”. When the ex-lovebirds were together, Johnny Depp was reportedly “constantly drunk”. “He screams a lot”admitted the main interested party. “He is verbally abusive. He was just screaming a lot. He is a jealous man, who likes to be in control. Who asked me where I was going, with whom, what I had done the night before. I got a scratch on my back which made him very very angry because he was sure I had slept with someone else. “. After yet another argument, Ellen Barkin ended up slamming the door… Without regret!


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