Abuse scandal in the boarding school: Now the Danish court is making a statement

The elite boarding school Herlufsholm, which is currently being attended by Prince Christian, has been under criticism for several days with an abuse scandal. After a statement from the crown prince couple via Instagram, the Danish court is now speaking up.

The elite boarding school Herlufsholm makes headlines almost every day with its abuse scandal, which brings more and more terrible details to light. After Prince Frederik, 53, and Princess Mary, 50, have already commented publicly on the events, the court is now also addressing the notorious school in an official report.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary: That’s what they say about the abuse scandal

After Princess Mary had already been made aware of the release of the sensational documentary at an event, she was initially cautious about the allegations. “I haven’t seen the show myself,” the 50-year-old told a reporter from the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet”. The crown princess now seems to have caught up on this, because last Friday she and Prince Frederik made a statement: “As parents, we expect the school to create a culture in which everyone feels safe and part of the community feels and we will monitor the changes that are clearly needed over the period ahead.” For the time being, the Danish royals did not discuss whether the two would take their son, Prince Christian, 16, out of school. Much to the annoyance of the public.

Dänischer Hof reacts to criticism and expresses itself again

After the statement, TV2, which aired the shocking documentary, tried unsuccessfully to reach Prince Frederik and Princess Mary. Only after the criticism of the Danes about the handling of the scandal became louder and louder did the court react. Communications chief Lene Balleby told TV2: “Many people ask the Crown Prince’s view on the future of their children at Herlufsholm. I can only reiterate that it is crucial for the Crown Prince and Princess couple that not only their own child but all children and young people who attend school can feel secure in their education.” It remains to be seen whether the Court’s renewed statement will help calm the situation.

That’s what the students said in the sensational TV documentary “Herlufsholm’s Secrets”.

Destructive, excluding and oppressive – these are attributes that a former student chose to describe the elite boarding school Herlufsholm. And the statements of the 49 other alumni also fit perfectly into the picture that the student initially described. Bullying, violence and sexual assaults are said to have been common in the Danish school. Although the boarding school is said to have been aware of the conditions, according to TV2 it did nothing. Perpetrators only received light sentences, and the police were never informed.

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