Abstract? Separation? Or what?: Harald Glööckler wants "be alone first"

Abstract? Separation? Or what?
Harald Glööckler wants to “be alone first”

The pictures of the moving truck in front of Harald Glööckler’s house spread like wildfire. Will the designer separate from his longtime partner Dieter Schroth after his return from the jungle camp? Various explanations are now doing the rounds.

They have been a couple for around 35 years – professionally and privately. After all, Dieter Schroth didn’t just act as Harald Glööckler’s manager for a long time. The former soccer player and men’s outfitter, who has two daughters from a previous marriage, also fell in love with the man in the 1980s, whose name at the time was still Harald Glöckler with just one “ö” and who had only just begun his career as a fashion designer.

Again, it is exactly seven years to the day since Schroth and Glööckler have also bound each other before the law. On February 11, 2015, the two entered into a registered civil partnership. The 17-year age difference didn’t bother the now 73-year-old Schroth and his now 56-year-old husband.

When Harald Glööckler was now sitting by the campfire in the jungle camp, he let it be known that everything was no longer for the best in the relationship. “He has depression, it’s only negative,” he slipped out about his partner. Sentences like “It’s just toxic” or “The bad thing is, it pulls you down too” was also used.

“Not undressed”

On Thursday – just one day before the couple’s seventh wedding anniversary – photos quickly made the rounds showing a moving truck in front of Glööckler and Schroth’s villa in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße. The two settled there in 2015 after Glööckler had lived in Berlin for many years.

Of course, the associated questions also appeared just as quickly as the pictures of the move: Is Glööckler moving out? Does this mean the couple’s split after all these years? What are the reasons behind all this?

At first there was no answer to all this. In the meantime, however, Glööckler’s lawyer Oliver Moser has spoken up and provided at least an initial explanation: “My client has not moved out, but is moving into a second home in Berlin in order to take care of his business from there. But he also wants time for himself and be alone first. Everything else will show up,” the “Bild” newspaper quoted him as saying.

“Harald wants to continue his career”

In the RTL interview, some of Glööckler’s comrades-in-arms in the jungle camp and an old companion of the designer also commented. For example, the former handball player and later fashion designer Eric Sindermann, who has worked with Glööckler and has known him for years, said so. “I think Harald doesn’t want to retire just yet. Harald still wants to continue using the glamor now, continue to make a career,” speculates Sindermann.

For him, Glööckler is an absolute professional, the 33-year-old states. “I think he just doesn’t want to stand still. Maybe that’s why he now thought he had to take a different path somehow – and maybe even go it alone,” said Sindermann.

Herren, Althof, Nobat

Meanwhile, Jasmin Herren is one of the jungle campers who spoke up. She is not in the relationship, she emphasizes, but apparently does not consider a separation to be completely impossible. “It’s always bad when something like this falls apart, especially after so many years. But it’s not easy to live with a man in a marriage where one partner is sick,” says Herren.

Peter Althof is a bit more optimistic: “It’s also possible that they only have a small dispute, and if he has a second home, he can separate from him at home and look for distance again. And maybe the two will find each other again.” And Linda Nobat explains: “But if that’s the case now, that the separation actually follows, then I wish Harald all the best and I hope that he finds the right path for himself.”

New TV show for Glööckler

Regardless of the relationship, Glööckler is definitely facing another new beginning. From Sunday, March 6, 5:30 p.m., he will receive on RTL (also available on RTL+) a new show presented by him.

The format listens to the name “Our new animal home”, said RTL. It is said that three families with no particular manual skills compete against each other to design a new home for their animals. Glööckler designed the ideas for the new quarters, which the families then had to implement with the support of a craftsman. The proud dog owner Glööckler finally rewarded his favorite with 1000 euros in prize money.

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