Absolonová vs. Horna: Lost trial for children?

On The Absolons it had been known for a long time that something was bothering her. She even admitted it herself. “There’s something bothering me, but I think I’ll be fine when it’s over, because I have two wonderful children. When the war in Ukraine is over and I’m done with child trials, I’ll be completely happy.” Monika confided to Sedmička magazine some time ago. Tomáš Horna indicated on his social networks how the court decided.

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“I’m glad I live in a time when dad has the same rights as mom! P. S And then that there are no fair courts,” the athlete rejoiced. It follows that the court granted his request and Monika can say goodbye to sole custody of her sons. When Sedmička magazine contacted the singer about whether she wanted to comment on the court’s decision, she answered curtly. “Don’t be angry, but certainly not,” came the phone, which she immediately hung up on.

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