Absent for five months for health reasons, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau reveals the date of her big return to 1 p.m. on TF1!

It is a return that some have been hoping for for a very long time. Absent from the presentation of the 1 p.m. news from TF1 for five months, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will finally make her comeback in the most watched midday edition in France. The journalist confided in an interview given to our colleagues from Parisian. The opportunity for the one who succeeded Jean-Pierre Pernaut to tell about these long months when she suffered from an eye problem. “Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I couldn’t stand the light any longer, from one day to the next. I have consulted. I was first found to have a bacterial infection but that wasn’t it“, recalls the spirited forties. Pr Gabison of the Rothschild Foundation then discovered that she suffered from”amoebic keratitis, an infection of the cornea by amoebas, parasites found in tap water“.”I suffered a lot. It’s a disease that hurts a lot, like its treatments“, she confides.

During my 4 and a half months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my job. I had no choice: I had to take care of myself […] My eye had to be reaccustomed to light, re-educated. At first I wore sunglasses then I started taking them off. My eye has resumed its habits with surrounding light. He accepts it now“, explains Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

The resident of the first channel even says that she “lived two months in the dark” with the curtains drawn, sunglasses inside. “My right eye remained closed. It was zero screen. I couldn’t even read or listen to music which gave me headaches“, she says, specifying that “lentils, it’s over“. But after this long absence, the journalist and TF1 have therefore announced that she will be making her comeback on Monday, May 16, 2022 at the 1 p.m. presentation.


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