ABRAHAM | Hanna tried to poison the king

lau chan

In this chapter of Abraham: Hanna will try to poison King Abimelech on the orders of one of the king’s sons who has fallen in love with her.

Ishmael visits Isaac and tells him that his father has already done the same thing that he has done with Rebecca, telling the king that his wife was his sister.

Isaac asks him not to betray him to the king, but Ishmael tells him that he will never harm his family even though he was never very loved.

Hanna agrees to go to King Abimelech’s harem to put the poison in his wine so she is free to do what she wants with the king’s son.

But then, the king confesses to Hanna that he had nothing to do with her husband’s murder and that he only took her to protect her.

So she regrets putting poison in his wine and throws it on the floor and hugs him. The king is surprised but accepts the hug.

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