ABRAHAM | God talks to Isaac and asks him not to go to Egypt

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Before leaving, Gad said goodbye to Débora, thanking her for appearing in his life and for how happy she was at his side.

Debora mourned his death a lot, with a lot of pain she repeated to him how much she loved him.

Isaac worried about the flock

Isaac is very concerned about the heat and the health of the animals, since the grass is dry and if it continues like this, they could die.

He told his servants that the only solution he saw was to leave that place and ordered to prepare everything for the trip.

Jacob asks Esau for something

Jacob asked his brother Esau to give him his place as firstborn and he reacted by laughing.

Uriala harasses Isaac again

Uriala tried to handle Isaac psychologically, she told him that in the past he cheated on her because he actually sees her as a woman; In addition, he told her that he saw her desire for her in her eyes and assured her that he would not tell Rebeca.

He was confused and silent. But then he told her to shut up and made it clear that he didn’t love her.

Esau surprises Rebekah

Esau approached the place where everyone was mourning the death of Gad and mercilessly mocked the situation.

Rebeca caught his attention and he didn’t want to listen to her and told her that he would go to sleep.

Lea finds a chest

Lea found a chest in the trunk of her father’s room and in it were some things, including a necklace, and she wanted to keep it.

This, while he was explaining to Silva how to prepare the beds in his house.

Isaac feels sad about the death of Gad

Isaac felt very sad when he found out about Gad’s death, they all gathered together and gave him a burial, I say, before leaving the place, due to the lack of water.

God speaks to Isaac

God spoke to Isaac and told him not to leave the land where he has lived for years, he happily told Rebekah and decided to fulfill what he said.

Isaac and all the others walked for a month and came to a place where there was plenty of water and fertile land.

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