abort to "lady bump": Friedrich Merz shows his dancing skills

Kick off to “Lady Bump”
Friedrich Merz shows his dancing skills

Should the political career end at some point, “Let’s Dance” might be a perspective for Friedrich Merz. In any case, he is now demonstrating at the CDU summer festival what he can do on the dance floor. It’s not just him who breaks a sweat.

When politicians venture onto the dance floor, it’s always a real eye-catcher. Even the greatest of the great have proven that.

Unforgotten, for example, is the contribution that the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin gave at an election campaign event.

Donald Trump’s hip movement to “YMCA” has long since become an impressive contemporary document.

And believe it or not, there was even a time when former US President George W. Bush and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin stormed the dance floor together (!).

Certainly no politician of stature would want to share the stage with Putin at the moment. Not even Friedrich Merz. Nevertheless, the CDU chairman now joins the ranks of the political heavyweights who have left posterity with a demonstration of their dance coast forever.

The moving image document comes from the CDU summer party this Wednesday. It shows Merz getting excited about the party classic “Lady Bump” by Penny McLean from 1975.

The recording also reveals something about the dance style of the 66-year-old, in which the poor seem to play a major role. However, the politician refrains from sticking his buttocks out at the word “bump”, as was typically done with the song in the 70s.

Merz has already had success with the campaign among potential voters: the clip quickly became a viral hit on the internet.

However, the reactions were pretty mixed. “No one can dance the ‘stick in the ass’ better than Friedrich Merz,” reads one mocking comment. Others, on the other hand, give Merz respect for his moves: “Had the CDU clarified the chairman’s question with a dance battle, Friedrich Merz would probably have won hands down as well.”

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