Aberkane is looking for a new club: “Such a period is also good somewhere”

Abdallah Aberkane hopes to have found a new club soon. The former Ajax youth player has been without a club since last summer after his contract with Excelsior came to an end. Opposite it General Journal talks about his current situation.

Last season, Aberkane was still a basic player in Excelsior’s promotion year, but this season he is clubless. Aberkane trains a lot for himself and may have an even busier schedule than he would if playing for a club. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been as fit as I am now,” he says.

What Aberkane does lack is match rhythm. He knows he has no influence on that at the moment. ‘So I’ve decided to focus on the things I do have influence on. In the situation I’m in, I can suddenly get a phone call tomorrow. I’ve been training hard every day since last summer to make sure that I ready am when a club comes.’

After his departure, Aberkane received several offers from home and abroad. There was no perfect match, as you can read. Moreover, it did not help that Aberkane had to look for a new agent twice in an important period. His previous agents opted for ‘a job elsewhere’. That’s annoying for me, but good for them. Maybe it was meant to be.’

Aberkane remains positive

Aberkane admits that the past period has been mentally tough and frustrating at times, although he believes this period is also good for working on himself. ‘One day is a bit heavier than the other, it has to come entirely from yourself. But I have had a lot of time to work on my weak points, while at a club there is less attention to the individual. I prefer to play games, don’t get me wrong. But such a period is also good somewhere.’

Still, Aberkane would like to play football at a club again. He hopes to start at a new club in January. ‘No, I have nothing to complain about at all. I’m healthy, that’s the most important thing. My chance will come. The feeling must be good. Hopefully something good will pass by in the coming weeks. And if that doesn’t happen, then it should be.’

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