Abdul Ghani Baradar afghanistan: Taliban Releases Audio of Abdul Ghani Baradar Amid Death Rumors

In the midst of the war in Afghanistan, the country’s new Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was the Taliban’s main negotiator for a peace deal in Qatar, did not turn up for a meeting with the delegation from Qatar. Later, the Taliban, while releasing an audio, called these reports as rumours. However, the voice in the audio is of Baradar, it could not be confirmed.

was missing
In fact, he has not been seen in public since the news of the Haqqani network being injured in a clash with terrorists. In the speculation going on in social media, claims of Mulla Baradar being badly injured or killed. After this, an audio message surfaced in which these reports have been denied by quoting Baradar himself. However, the voice is his, it could not be confirmed.

‘I am fine wherever I am’
In a message posted on the Taliban’s official sites, Baradar said, “There are reports of my death in the media. I have been traveling for many days. Wherever I am in this moment, we are all fine, my brother and friend. He added, ‘I assure you 100 percent that there is no problem.’

clash with Haqqani faction
According to reports, Ka Mulla Baradar had a clash with Haqqani network leaders Anas Haqqani and Khaleel Haqqani. Reports also claimed that Baradar is now undergoing treatment in Pakistan. Mullah Baradar, along with his brother-in-law Mullah Omar, founded the Taliban. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a co-founder of the Taliban and one of Mullah Omar’s most trusted commanders, was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan in 2010.

On Pakistan’s side?
It is believed that after Mulla Baradar’s closeness to America and Sher Mohammad’s talks with India, the ears of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI stood up and he shredded both of them. Mulla Baradar had a conflict with the leaders of the Haqqani network, which is maintained by the ISI. At the same time, Qatar is also providing technical assistance to Kabul airport in collaboration with Turkey. The absence of Mullah Baradar during his meeting with the deputy prime minister of such an important country raised many questions about differences among Taliban leaders.

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Abdul Ghani Baradar

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