Aaron Carter’s manager speaks out: Cyberbullying destroyed him

On November 5, musician and child star Aaron Carter was found dead in his home.

Before then, hard years had passed, during which he struggled with substance abuse and was in rehab.

But that wasn’t the only thing that wore on Aaron Carter. This is what his manager now tells in an interview with Page Six.

“It was like a nightmare. It just kept going, it was relentless and it took a toll on him,” says Taylor Helgeson about the online bullying that Aaron Carter, according to him, was subjected to.

He doesn’t want to blame it all for the premature death, but he has seen how over a long period of time it helped break down Aaron Carter.

“He never chose his life. I don’t think he was ever given the same tools that many of us have that can help us navigate in the direction that makes room for a good life,’ explains the manager.

The criticism that Aaron Carter faced was not limited to taking place online, and Taylor Helgeson remembers a concert where Aaron Carter was interrupted during a concert by an audience member.

It didn’t affect his performance, but afterwards it was a really sad Aaron Carter, explains the manager.

And the criticism continued on Twitter that evening.

“He wanted to sit and read it, and it hurt. He just couldn’t stop looking at it.’

Aaron Carter became famous as a child, where he toured with his brother Nick Carter and his brother’s band, the Backstreet Boys, among other things.

He was only nine years old when he released his debut album in 1997. Later in his career he switched from singing to rapping, and he also appeared in several theater productions, including ‘Seussical’ at the famous Broadway theater in New York.

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