Aaron Carter: His ex shows touching father-son photos

Aaron Carter
His ex shows touching father-son photos

Aaron Carter didn’t live to see his son’s first birthday.

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Musician Aaron Carter recently died and his son was born a year ago. His mother acknowledges both with a bitter-sweet post.

A year ago, the son of Aaron Carter (1987-2022) and Melanie Martin saw the light of day. But little Prince will never really get to know his father, Aaron Carter died about three weeks ago at the age of just 34. For the day of honor of their son and in memory of the deceased ex-partner, Martin posted a short video on her official Instagram account. The slide show shows images from the few months Carter was able to spend with his child.

Martin wrote: “Happy Birthday to my little boy Prince Lyric Carter. Today is going to be a difficult day for me but I know your dad is playing birthday songs for you up in heaven.”

Many questions still unanswered

Carter and Martin had an on/off relationship. The engaged couple separated for the first time just before the birth of their son, but got back together shortly afterwards. “My amazing fiancee gave me a new start in life. A reset button and a reassessment of life. I’ve never felt so blessed,” gushed Aaron Carter at the time a few days after the birth on Instagram. In February of this year, however, the final separation follows.

On November 5th, Aaron Carter was found lifeless in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California. The cause of death is still unclear. Even those who inherit their wealth according to “TMZ” is not yet certain. As the US side wants to know, the singer is said to have died without a will. This despite the fact that his lawyer advised him to write down his last will. According to the report, the state of California is now deciding on the estate. The following applies there: If a single person dies without a will and leaves a child, the child inherits the assets.


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