A young millionaire boyfriend took Kali to Naples


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09 January 2022, 10:05

Kali, who has three sons by three different men, showed the man she has been living with for nearly 3 years. Well, only his hand, as is fashionable, the singer shared in a video on Instagram. “Well, you know, I’m with my boyfriend,” Kali said with a laugh. In fact, nothing was seen except the sleeve of a black jacket, but fans are still happy.The singer joined from Naples, where she is on vacation, as it turned out, with her boyfriend and a friendly couple. After the noisy breakup with Vladimir, the father of her youngest son, Kali, who is celebrating her 46th birthday on October 2, has apparently decided this time to keep her love thrills away from the media. How long, he says, and nothing about his partner. Weekend however, he has already revealed that his name is Anastas and he is from Plovdiv. The athletic macho is about 15 years younger than the Chalgadzhi girl and comes from a very wealthy family. His family runs a pharmacy business and owns one of the largest chains in the city.

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