A woman with cancer writes a letter to those who pretend to be vaccinated: “Selfish, think. Many like me do not find a place in the hospital “

“I’m sick with cancer and maybe I won’t have much to live yet, which is why I decided to write an open letter to those who, pretending to be vaccinated, showed selfishness and lack of civic sense“. To speak to the Ansa is Claudia Baiocco, spokesman for the mayor of Civitanova Marche, Fabrizio Ciarapica. Baiocco made the choice to tell about his illness in the aftermath of the investigation by the Procura di Ancora on an alleged round of false Green passes, which led to about fifty precautionary orders, including some arrests. “I am a guarantor, but if what emerged is confirmed it really means that our company has undergone a heavy decline and we no longer deserve anything”. “I wrote this letter – he added – to make people think. Cancer patients like me and many other patients continue to have hospitalization problems, every time we struggle to find a place in hospitals “

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