A woman kneels in the middle of the street and begs a man to give up chasing her: “Let me go.”

People who love each other can form a healthy relationship and enjoy every moment together, but if you are chased by someone you don’t like, it could be classified as bullying. A clear example is the case of an Asian woman, who could not bear the situation and begged a man on her knees to give up chasing her. His request full of helplessness became viral and it unleashed thousands of reactions from those who sympathized with her.

For the past 5 years, the subject became obsessed with the young woman. Although the woman rejected him on several occasions and always told him that she did not want to establish a sentimental bond, the boy did not give up and did not take his words seriously, according to ET Today.

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In that sense, the man again confessed his love, which caused the emotional collapse of the girl. The images show the woman kneeling in the middle of the street in Anhui, a province in eastern China, with her hands crossed and pleading for him to let her go. “Let me go, please,” exclaims the young woman.

They criticize man’s behavior

Reactions were immediate on social networks. Many netizens questioned the man’s attitude and claimed that it only caused problems in the woman’s life.

“This man has been rejected by women for 5 years. Why is he still entangled in this way? People definitely don’t want to be with him ”,“ this boy is very dangerous ”,“ love is a matter of two people. It is your freedom to please yourself, but it shouldn’t be a problem for the lives of others, right? ”; were some of the comments.

Solidarity with women

Several young people sent messages of support to the girl. Some of them even confessed that they have also felt harassed. Despite progress, women continue to face difficulties in society.

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