A woman agrees to remove makeup in front of her boyfriend for 100 dollars and he leaves her when he sees her natural

A young woman from Mexico went viral after agreeing to remove her makeup in front of her boyfriend for $100. Although she agreed to be part of this challenge proposed by an influencer, things did not end as expected.

The scene begins when the user Lupita Anaya He approaches the couple who were embracing on the outskirts of a shopping center and offers the woman to remove her make-up for 1000 mexican pesos (53 US dollars).

Being discouraged, the content creator offers her another 1,000 pesos, that is, another 53 dollars more. Given this, the young woman ends up accepting.

With the help of some cleansing cloths, the woman begins to remove her makeup and the man looks at her attentively as he ensures that “I had never seen her without makeup”. He also revealed that they had two weeks of relationship.

A challenge gone wrong

As the seconds pass, the subject begins to feel uncomfortable about the situation. Apparently, seeing her with her natural face was not to her liking since, as can be seen in the images, she ended up disappearing before the young woman removed all her makeup.

“Oh, don’t stain, don’t tell me it’s gone. Did she leave me because I took my makeup off? Don’t pass I already knew”said the girl as she finished wiping her eyes.

The influencer replied: “You see friend, challenge accomplished”. The young woman raised her arm and said: “And new bachelorette”although he could not hide his bewilderment at his partner’s decision.

The clip swept Facebook

“I offered money to remove make-up on the street. Unexpected ending”, wrote the influencer Lupita Anaya, whose video swept Facebook and exceeded 34 million views.

The scene generated comments like: “How barbaric! She looked very pretty without makeup”; “You could see the guy from the beginning that he was nervous because they were recording him, surely he was married”; “What a bad wave with the boy, he didn’t want her.”

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