A weekend under generally clear skies and highs between 19 and 24 degrees… before the return of the rain on Monday!

From midday, a few small cumulus clouds will develop, especially north of the Sambre et Meuse furrow, but the sky will remain quite bright. The maxima will be between 19 or 20ºC in the upper Ardennes to 23ºC, or even 24ºC locally in the plain.

On the coast, a moderate north-westerly sea breeze will limit the temperature to around 17°C. Elsewhere, the wind will be light from the southwest at first, then variable. Over the northwest, it will gradually become moderate northwesterly in the afternoon.

Tonight, daytime convection will disappear and the sky will then become almost clear. Overnight more high and medium clouds will drift in from the west but the weather will remain mostly dry. The minima will be between 6ºC in the Hautes Fagnes to 12ºC on the plain with a wind that will generally become weak from east to south-east during the night. On the coast and on the crests of the Ardennes, it will become moderate.

On Sunday, the sky will be divided between large sunny spells and a few cloudy fields, with locally a low risk of showers, especially in the west. But weather will remain dry in most areas. The tendency to showers, in stormy places, will increase significantly, especially in the evening and during the night from Sunday to Monday. It will be hot with highs of 22 to 28ºC, with a light to moderate southeast to east wind.

Monday, the sky will be changing to sometimes very cloudy, with showers that can be stormy, especially from the center to the east of the country. The maximum will be between 19 and 25ºC. The wind will be moderate, and sometimes quite strong on the coast, from the southern sector, then turning to the western sector.

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