A week after giving birth: Kim Gloss gives a body update

Kim Gloss (29) shows honest body impressions online! In the past week, the former DSDS candidate surprised with good news: After daughter Amelia was allowed Kim welcomed her second daughter into the world a few days ago – since then she has been enjoying her happiness as a mother to the fullest. Now – a week after the birth – gave Kim for the first time an update on her after-baby body!

“It’s been a week, it’s hard to believe!” Reported Kim via Instagram-Story from the confinement. “This is what my stomach looks like today: it went down so badly overnight […] yesterday he was even bigger!”, commented the mom of two while showing her bare stomach for the camera. Suffered from breastfeeding Kim especially in painful aftermath, which is also a reason for the much smaller after-baby ball. Rocco Stark’s ex-girlfriend (36) is a bit sad that her baby bump is gone now: “But now I finally have my angel,” enthused Kim yet of her baby.

Posted to the short clips Kim also a collage: Shortly before the birth, the influencer posed with a round baby ball – a week later, the new mum is standing in front of the mirror again for a selfie with her little daughter in her arms and a much smaller belly. “You have completely changed our lives. Words cannot describe how much I love you, my darling”wrote Kim to the body comparison.

Instagram / kim_glossofficial

Kim Gloss and Alexander Beliaikin’s daughter

Instagram / kim_glossofficial

Kim Gloss, singer

Instagram / kim_glossofficial

Kim Gloss and her baby daughter

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