A war against "those who plan to reduce the world population to 500 million inhabitants" : when Russian propaganda wins Cameroonian television

On the Cameroonian channel DBS TV, the conflict was presented as opposing “the humanity embodied by President Putin” at “those who plan to reduce the world’s population to 500 million”.

If L’Indépendant often brings you mind-blowing excerpts from Russian television, this time it was on Cameroonian television that astonishing remarks on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict were made.

The extract was republished by Tristan Mendès, a columnist accustomed to monitoring conspiracy spheres. It shows a speaker from the Cameroonian channel DBS TV presenting the war as an opponent humanity embodied by Russia, by President Putin” in front of “those who plan to reduce the world’s population to 500 million, the globalists”.

Terrible to see the strength of Russian propaganda in Africa fueled in part by the global conspiracy. Example here on Cameroonian television with a Putin presented as a defender of humanity in the face of a globalist depopulation project. pic.twitter.com/QAQ9kZiZXE

— Tristan Mendes France (@tristanmf) June 22, 2022

A theory often taken up by followers of conspiracy theories, suggesting that the leaders of the various countries will organize themselves to deliberately reduce the world population, supposedly too numerous for the planet. She had regained the hair of the beast at the time of the arrival of the Covid, a time seen as “the biological weapon which would allow this scenario”.

Russian influence in Africa

The video has since been removed from DBS TV’s Facebook page. This speech of admiration towards Putin is in any case symptomatic of the influence that the Kremlin wants to develop in Africa for several years. Vladimir Putin, for example, organized a summit with African countries in Sochi in 2019.

Consequence of this: during the vote on the resolution on the invasion of Ukraine at the UN, it was sixteen African countries that had refrained from condemning the Russian attack while nine had not taken part in the vote. Eritrea was even one of the few countries to vote against.

Countries vote to condemn Russian attack in Ukraine. UN-DR

Finally, on April 12, when the invasion in Ukraine had begun several weeks ago, a defense agreement between Russia and Cameroon aimed at developing military cooperation between the two countries had been signed.

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