A very special chorus has attracted attention – and division: ‘The text is insane’

“Creepy.” “Scary.” “Insane.”

If you are watching the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision this evening, you may have noticed the song from Greece. It is a song that has attracted so much attention – and division.

This is mainly due to the song’s title and chorus.

The song, which the singer Amanda Tenfjord performs, is called ‘Die Together’ – to ‘die together’.

And in the chorus she sings, among other things:

“But if we die together now – We will always have each other – I will not lose you for another – And if we die together now – I will hold you ’til forever.”

It can be translated to:

“But we die together now, we always want each other, I do not want to lose you to someone else. And if we die together now, I will keep you forever. “


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Several have praised the song for being a romantic, grandiose ballad about a love affair that is about to break down.

But other listeners have been less enthusiastic:

“The message in the song is too creepy for me, sorry,” one user wrote as a comment on social media, while another wrote:

‘Am I the only one who thinks the text is pretty scary? The ‘Die together’ theme can be a bit controversial. “

A third takes the critique of the text further:

»The text is insane. If you dive deeper into the lyrics of this song, you can come to the conclusion that she (the singer, ed.) ‘Validates’ killing her boyfriend for love. “

Another user also has the same interpretation:

“The song says that if we die together now, one will not lose the other to another person. It may be more or less the same thought that many men who kill their partners and then commit suicide have, ”it reads.

Others believe that the message the song has tried to convey in the chorus can easily be misunderstood:

‘The text can be read as a summary of the plot for an opera tragedy. I do not know if it is good or bad for Eurovision, “said one user.

However, many others have – as previously mentioned – also praised the song:

“Many may feel repulsed by the lyrics to this song, but in the end it is another (more original) love song that has a poetic aura behind it, reminiscent of love vows, until death separates two lovers in ancient Greek mythology , «Is the description from a user.

The singer behind it, Amanda Tenfjord, has also explained that the song is about ‘absolute love’.

She did this in an interview with OK Magazine, writes the fan media Eurovision Fun:

“The title of the song may have some negative connotations, but if you really listen to the lyrics of the song, it will dawn on you that it is the anthem of absolute love.”

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