A twist in the large Koh-Lanta family: two candidates fall for each other … While they are a couple!

For more than ten years, viewers of TF1 have fun in front of Koh-Lanta! And it is Denis Brogniart who has always assumed the animation of the show. On the screen, the candidates surpass themselves to go as far as possible from the competition. All shots are allowed to stand out from the others. If betrayals are not rare, fortunately, certain meetings give rise to beautiful friendships… And even a little more!

Impossible not to mention Candice and Jérémy or even Jesta and Benoît who participated in the edition of Koh-Lanta in 2016. Or even Myriam or Thomas last year. Without forgetting Alix and Mathieu in 2020. According to the latest news, Cupid has once again distinguished himself in the field of love. Indeed, Marie Oheix and Colin Mottas were mutually seduced thanks to the flagship program of TF1. On the Web, Internet users were on the lookout for their posts. After several weeks of suspense, the duo ended up indulging in this subject to our colleagues from TVMag.

Obviously, it was the young woman who took the first step… On social networks. “Marie saw me during the broadcast of my Koh-Lanta season and she instantly fell in love with me! (Laughs.) No, that’s not true, just kidding. On the other hand, she cannot deny that she took the first step by writing to me on Instagram…”revealed the adventurer.

“This trip marked the beginning of our relationship…”

According to his words, his other half would have been seduced by his “very nice stride” when he runs. “Basically, she clearly flirted with me! (Laughs.) We started talking without a second thought and we took advantage of his coming to Switzerland to see each other. She invited me on a sporting mountaineering experience which had gone well and then we met again for a road trip in a van. This trip marked the beginning of our relationship.” clarified Colin quite proud.

For her part, Marie wanted to qualify her remarks. Indeed at the time, they were both were ” in a relationship with “. “Our story is a bit of a coincidence, we fell in love with each other when we first met. It fell on us unexpectedly, we were a little disturbed and we ended up ending our previous relationship. […] But we’ve wanted to stay relatively low-key about our relationship so far.” she concluded. A beautiful story that makes you dream!


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